There is no substitute for hard work.

Site Acquisition


If we can’t find it, it doesn’t exist.  Whether you are looking raw land or a potential condo redevelopment site, provide to us your purchase criteria and leave the rest to us.  

Land Assembly


In certain circumstances, there is synergy amongst adjacent properties.  We identify such properties.  Working with the owners collectively, we help the group capture this synergetic gain.

Land Development Services


If you own property with development potential, let us help you maximize that potential.  Lack of specialized land development experience results in many property owners undervaluing their properties.

Tenant Placement


Good tenants are hard to find, unless you know where to look.  Let our dedicated tenant placement specialist help you fill your property with quality tenants.

Project Marketing


We know what works and what doesn't; who works and who doesn't.  Our industry knowledge and relationships will directly impact your projects success in hitting sale targets and timelines.

Public Consultation


Often in development, the fewer people on the team the faster the project proceeds. However, during the public consultation process you may want to augment your team with ours.