Project Marketing


Market Analytics & Project Consultation

The foundation of a successful sales and marketing campaign is drawn from market understanding. We place the highest priority on thoroughly understanding each marketplace we engage, differentiate product type, buyer demand, and unique selling propositions to mitigate risks and maximize profits.


Strategic Marketing Plan

The importance of a well-strategized Marketing Plan that clearly defines the processes required to execute a sales & marketing campaign cannot be overstated.  Product positioning, identity development, creative development, sub group targeting, development timelines, budget management, advertising and  media plan management are examples of the processes we define in our Marketing Strategy.


Sales Strategy & Execution

Cypress Land Services Inc. takes great pride in providing an exceptional sales experience.  Every element of a Cypress campaign is meticulously considered.  Decisions related to launch strategy, prospecting, lead generating campaign, pricing schedule, absorption goals and advertising, are designed to ensure the interests and objectives of our clients are achieved.


Campaign Management

While all our services are tailored to fit the needs of each client, Cypress is proficient in designing, orchestrating, and managing every aspect of the marketing and sales program. Our comprehensive approach offers our clients a customized set of processes and reporting metrics to ensure every step taken, is the right step forward. 

Synchronized sales campaign, contract management and audits, database management, home customization management, disclosure statement

management, and comprehensive reporting metrics are only a few of the support services available to our clients.


Customer Care Completion Services

Cypress Land Services Inc. offers a post sale approach that is committed to extending the purchaser experience by seamlessly transitioning purchasers between our sales programs and home delivery. Our administration team will build a post-completion customer care strategy, to ensure every closing procedure enhances the purchaser experience and further establishes our client’s brand. Our team will work closely with the development team to schedule home owner orientations, deficiency scheduling, post completion client support, and completion turnover management.